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Visit here frequently for information on the wonderful accomplishments of our students! If you'd like to share information on a special St. Anthony's Star Student, email lhendey@sasfresno.com to share your story.

  • Track News – Congratulations to the following students who competed in the Valley Championships and the Fresno Unified School District Junior High City Championships:  Phillip Dao, Miles Orme, Blake Schmiederer, Carley McGuinness, J.P. Caprioglio, Natalie Wong, Matt Harris, Brenna Flynn, Nick Harris, Lauren Caprioglio, Kiana Puahi and Stephanie Wong.  A special congratulations to Zack Harris, who was crowned Valley Champion in the High Jump. (5/27/08)

  • Recycle News – The class of 2G would like to thank you for all of the support with their recycling program this year. The current total is $4,531.72 and counting!  What a blessing to be able to donate this to the Holy Cross Center for Women. (5/27/08)

  • Congratulations – We have some very outstanding students here at SAS and we would like to congratulate Claire Baradat (7H) for receiving The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Award.  She will be traveling to JHU in Maryland this summer to attend a 3-week summer program. We are proud of her accomplishments and wish her all the best in her academic career. (5/27/08)

  • Congratulations Tennis Team – What a season!  Our Jr. High Tennis Team went undefeated.  The team defeated Tenaya in the Division I Team Championship:  SAS 9, Tenaya 1!  Way to go team! Girls Team:  Megan Baugh, Annabelle Beecher, Claire Christensen, Alexis Defendis, Lizzie Fisher, Ali Frea, Hayley Goebel, Chandler Jameson, Amanda Jones, Diana Kirkorian, Macie Medina, Sydney Perotti, Ashley Rodriguez and Ali Teliha.  Boys Team: Andrew and Gregory Antognoli, Nick Ball, Kevin Benscheidt, John-Blake Coelho, Hunter Douglas, Cameron Garver, Archie Garcia, Brian Goebel, Kellen Hackett, Hunter Jameson, Kelly Kellner, Emo Kirk, Joseph Lowart, Michael Rattazzi and Petar Repar. (5/20/08)

  • Track and Field County Championships - Our team had wonderful showing at this last weekend’s County Finals. The following students have qualified for the Valley Championships to be held on May 17th at Buchanan High School: Phillip Dao, Miles Orme, Blake Schmiederer, Carley McGuinness, J.P. Caprioglio, Natalie Wong, Matt Harris and Brenna Flynn. In addition to these, the following students were crowned County Champions: Zack Harris (High Jump), Nick Harris (Long Jump), and Lauren Caprioglio (High Jump). (5/13/08)

  • Faculty vs. Girls & Boys Varsity Basketball Game – The new gym was christened yesterday with our first basketball game!  The varsity girls and boys put up a valiant effort but came up short…..Faculty 38, Varsity 32!  History was made as Austin Smith (8S) made the first basket followed by Mr. Neumeier!  (5/07/08)

  • Elective News – Ms. Sherman’s Law and Justice: Mock Trial Class took their field trip to the Superior Court of California in County of Fresno.  The students were educated on courtroom procedures through a bailiff’s presentation; they were also able to ask questions to a judge and witnessed an actual trial.  Ms. Sherman would like to thank all parent drivers and chaperones. (5/07/08)

  • Congratulations - We would like to congratulate 5H students, Maurice Frediere and Grant Der Manouel, for being selected to attend the “People to People Ambassador Program” through the Washington School of World Studies. They received high school credit for completing the “Exploring American Leadership” course which will be included in their transcripts for college.  What a tremendous experience they had.  Congratulations on your academic achievements! (5/08/08)

  • Thanks to Our Choir! Mr. Sarkisian would like to express his pride of the seven St. Anthony’s Choir members who provided music for the GIFT Program’s First Communion last weekend. The beautiful voices came from: Megan Abundo, Albert Avery, Tiffany Lee, Audra Linney, Danielle Mercado, Casey Raymond, and Philip Sarkisian. These students know the importance of sharing their time and talent with the Parish Community. (4/30/08)

  • Little SAINTS are at it again! – Those Little SAINTS were very busy this last Saturday making 375 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which they donated to the Poverello House.  This was their yummy April service project which was very much appreciated by the hungry recipients! (4/21/08)

  • Track and Field City Championships - Congratulations to all of the St. Anthony’s track team members for a wonderful season. Our team had wonderful showing at this past weekend’s City Championships. The following students have qualified for the County Championships to be held on May 3rd at Buchanan High School: Phillip Dao, Miles Orme, Carson Chapman, Blake Schmiederer, Frank Dalena, Cooper Douglas, Cameron Klepper, Melanie Wong, Carley Fisher, Kimberly Dao, Allison Saffold, Carley McGuinness, Lauren Caprioglio, Natalie Wong, Stephanie Wong, J.V. Villarreal, Austin Cuttone, and Sumner Manock. In addition to these, the following students were crowned City Champions: Brenna Flynn (100), Zack Harris (High Jump), Nick Harris (Long Jump), Matt Harris (High Jump) and J.P. Caprioglio (High Jump). (4/21/08)

  • SAINTS Diaper Drive – We are thrilled to share the following results of our recent diaper drive. Click here for complete results.

    1. 6S 3610 Winning class
    2. 4P 3253 100% Participation
    3. 3V 2685
    4. 6G 2324
    5. 4M 2166
    6. 2G 2131 100% Participation
    7. 2K 2064
    8. 3B 2058
    9. 5A 2056
    10. K2 1965
    11. 7H 1949
    12. K1 1914
    13. 1M 1825
    14. 1P 1478
    15. 7M 1127
    16. 5H 1113
    17. 8S 953
    18. 8B 848

    The grand total for diapers was 35,609. Winning class 6S with 3,610, Classes with 100% participation 2G, and 4P. SAINTS and The Holy Cross Center for Women appreciate all that the students, parents, teachers and staff have done to make this year a success. We, as an entire school, brought in more diapers in 7 days than what their goal was for the entire city!!! View Photos

  • First Holy Communion - What a beautiful weekend we had as our 2nd graders received their First Holy Communion last Saturday. They were very well prepared by their teachers Mrs. Gennock and Mrs. Underdown.  They all looked so very happy to be receiving the Eucharist for the first time and the banners they made were very thoughtfully and beautifully created. The banners are such a nice way to decorate the church and celebrate such a special event.  We now look forward to them joining us in receiving the Eucharist at our Friday school Masses.  Also, thank you to the Children’s Choir for their beautiful addition to the celebration! (4/16/08)

  • Congratulations to All 7th Graders for a job well done!! Designing and implementing an experiment beyond the classroom is part of our 7th Grade Science Standards.  Our 7th graders displayed their boards on February 1st this year and again will have them displayed at Open House. Every year a handful of students submit their experiment boards to the Central California Regional Science, Mathematics & Engineering Fair. 10 projects were submitted to the County on March 31, with the following results:

    Cassie Baker – Participant in Microbiology
    Claire Baradat – 3rd Place in Medicine and Health
    Hayley Goebel/Sydney Perotti – 2nd Place in Team Life Animal Science
    Nico DeYoung/Cameron Garver – 3rd Place in Team Physics
    Adam Hendey/Emo Kirk – 2nd Place in Team Physics and alternates to the State
    Beron Shively – 1st Place in Mathematics/Computer Science
    Paul Smith – 1st Place in Environmental Science
    Carl Olson/McKay Mohun – 1st Place in Team Life Animal Science
    Claire Christensen/Alexis DeFendis – 1st Place in Team Physics
    Anabelle Beecher – 1st Place in Behavioral Science.  She also received a special award of $50 and a year subscription to American Scientific.

    Every year we have St. Anthony’s students win medals and advance to the State Competition.  Beron, Paul, Carl, McKay, Claire, Alexis, and Anabelle will compete at the State Level in May.  They will also enter the Discovery Young Scientist Competition. This is the first time our school has had 5 projects go to state. WAY TO GO!! (4/08/08)

  • Peach Blossom – What a great job both of our 3rd grade classes did at the Peach Blossom last Friday.  They represented SAS very well as they recited their poems.   We are proud of all of you! (4/08/08)

  • 3V Lenten Project – The students in Mrs. van Oostende’s class raised over $300 which was used to purchase new children’s’ books for a less fortunate school.  We are very proud of our 3rd graders for going the extra mile doing additional chores or giving up their allowances in order to raise funds to donate to this worthy cause.  That is what Lent is truly about….sacrificing and giving. (4/08/08)

  • Little SAINTS are at it again! -  Those Little SAINTS worked very hard selling “green” lemonade after all of last weekend’s Masses.  They made over $800 for the Our Lady of Hope Shrine in Africa.  That’s a lot of lemonade!  Thank you to all who helped make this such a success.  We would also like to thank Mrs. Heidi Fiorentino (and Novartis) for her donation of candy for the candygrams that the Little SAINTS worked on last month.  It’s nice to see people helping each other the way our Lord helps us. (3/18/08)

  • Great Teamwork! Our Academic Decathlon team competed against 14 other Catholic Schools in the Diocesan Academic Decathlon held at San Joaquin Memorial.  We are very proud of each member of the team which includes:  Cassie Baker, Megan Baugh, Jimmy Cameron, Evangelea DiCicco, Noelle Diener, Allie Frea, Matt Giannetta, Adam Hendey Emo Kirk, Krystal Lubi, Kennedy Meeks, Kevin O’Rourke, Matt Pomaville, and Christina Rontell.  The proud coaches are Mrs. Jami Baker and Mrs. Sue Wesh.  I’m happy to announce that our team finished 3rd overall with the following results: 1st place in the Super Quiz; 4th place in Logic; Christina Rontell took 1st in Literature; Cassie Baker 7th in English; Krystal Lubi took 7th in Religion; Kennedy Meeks took 7th  in Fine Arts; Megan Baugh took 2nd in Social Science; Jimmy Cameron took 5th in Math; Adam Hendey took 3rd in Current Events; Matt Pomaville took 7th in Science. Special thanks go to Mrs. Polacek for helping me coordinate this event for the Diocese. The team represented St. Anthony’s very well in the true spirit of competition.  I am especially proud of their teamwork.  Congratulations to all of you! (3/16/08)

  • Congratulations to our Second Trimester Honor Roll Students!
  • Non-Public School Spelling Bee – What a great group of spellers we have here at SAS!  Congratulations to the following students for participating in Saturday’s Spelling Bee at Fresno Christian School:  Andrew Pham placed 2nd, Brennah O’Rourke placed 4th and Haley Goyette placed 5th.  Other participants were Ashleigh Huffman, Tiffany Lee and Madeline Miller.  We thank Mrs. Cornwell for leading the spellers. (2/26/08)
  • Famous Americans – Did you happen to see all those “famous” faces on campus last week? We had everyone from Walt Disney and Martin Luther King to Rosa Parks and Estee Lauder on the stage as our 3rd graders did such a great job of impersonating their “famous American”.  Great job kids! (2/26/08)
  • Candygrams Pay Off! – Thank you to those Little SAINTS for their “sweet” work on the Candygram service project.  They made an amazing $1200 of which they gave $600 to the American Cancer Society and $600 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Great work!  Look for upcoming information on the March service project soon. (2/26/08)
  • Odyssey of the Mind Congrats – We would like to congratulate the teams that represented St. Anthony’s in Hanford for this year’s Odyssey of the Mind competition.  The 6th grade team consisted of:  Evangelea DiCicco (6G), Rene Etcheverry (6S), Haley Goyette (6G), Taylor Hamilton (6S) and their coaches Nikki Stamoulis-DiCicco and Kim Hamilton.  The 2nd grade team consisted of:  Karlie Adams (2K), Sarah Carlos (2G), Evenia DiCicco (2K), Gigi Gonzales (2G) and their coaches Carlo Gonzales and Giuliano DiCicco. They did a great job and we look forward to competing next year with even more teams. A special thank you to Mrs. Underdown for the use of her classroom for practices, the coaches for their guidance, commitment and patience to the teams and of course, to the parents for supporting their children in this challenging, difficult but very rewarding program. (2/26/08)
  • PAL Basketball Tourney – What a weekend of basketball! We’d like to congratulate our basketball teams and their coaches for their tremendous effort at the PAL Basketball Tournament this weekend.  They spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the San Joaquin Memorial High School Gym participating in a 32 team tournament of mostly Catholic Schools from as far south as Bakersfield and as far north as Los Banos.  Not only did we enjoy some very exciting basketball but we also saw a wonderful display of school spirit, great heart, enthusiasm, class and great sportsmanship as our teams cheered for each other.  Our 8th grade boys team consisting of Austin Smith, Jimmy Cameron, Loic Ferdinandi, Lucas Gaarde, Michael Ratazzi, Christian Ortuno, CJ Moore, John-Blake Coelho and Hunter Jameson coached by Mr. Lowart, placed 2nd in a very exciting championship game that went back and forth trading baskets in a series of 6-point runs until finally succumbing in the 4th quarter. Our 8th grade girls team consisting of Allie Frea, Megan Sullivan, Katie Orjuela, Ashley Rodriguez, Bianca Pimentel, Kristyn Chavez, Gabi McNamara, Alyssa Johnston coached by Mr. McNamara, Mr. Frea and Mr. Fisher also placed 2nd in a game that went down to the buzzer in a two-point heartbreaker! And selected to the All Tournament Team were Natalya Ferdinandi, Lizzie Fisher, Krystal Lubi, Christina Rontell, Nick Ball, Kellen Hackett, Joseph Lowart and Trevor Schuh (7th).  Our 7th grade coaches (Vince Gambero and Karen Underdown – 7th grade girls and Steve Esqueda and Natalie Rodarte - 7th grade boys) also led their teams to a good showing against mostly older teams.  We’d also like to recognize Mr. McConnico for his dedication as our Athletic Director and for spending all weekend at SJM.  He also did a great job preparing the tournament program along with Mr. Olson.  (02/19/08)
  • First Reconciliation –We’d like to congratulate Mrs. Gennock’s and Mrs. Underdown’s 2nd graders for receiving their First Reconciliation last week. We’d also like to thank our priests for providing such a wonderful service. Our children are well on their way in their Sacramental journey and will receive their First Holy Communion on April 12th. (2/13/08)
  • Announcing the Spring Class Reps – And the results are in!  Here are the newest Spring Class Reps: 7H – Michael Cimo & Ava Gambero; 7M – Chad Cardell; 6G – Daniel Frea & Julia Zuniga; 6S – Jack DeMera; 5A – Timothy Farrow & Brenna Flynn; 5H – Hannah Giardullo & Philip Rontell; 4M – Kayla Cipriani, Grant Lilles & Liam Martin; 4P – Michael Ball & Dani Roznovsky.  We thank everyone who ran for doing such a great job and congratulate our newest Class Reps! (2/13/08)
  • “Holy Wars” – The Holy Wars Chess Tournament held recently was a real winner.  The kids had fun as they showed off their chess talent.  Congratulations to the following students who placed in the tournament:  Jack Halsey received 2nd place and an honorable mention trophy went to Joe Goolkasian both in the 3rd-5th grade division.  And a “Great Job” goes to William Goolkasian and Phillip McDougal for the strong effort in this tournament! (1/14/07)
  • Girl Scouts warm the heart! – The Girl Scout Troop 35 gathered before Christmas and handmade scarves for the homeless of Fresno.  The scarves were given away at the “Hope for the Holidays” celebration in downtown Fresno. Thank you girls for doing your part to help the homeless and following in Jesus’ footsteps to take care of the poor.  This is a perfect example of a good Christian!
  • Congratulations – Our very own Brianne (5A) and Kaitlyn Turnbull (4P) competed at the California Baton Council in Rancho Cordova last month .…….and they not only won, but won BIG!  Brianne competed in 7 events and Kaitlyn competed in 6 events and brought home 8 first place awards! WOW!  We are very proud of you girls!
  • Congratulations – Our Kimi Galang Villegas (K2) won as reigning Miss California La Petite 2008 and will be crowned on New Year’s Eve at the Fresno County Ballroom, Del Webb Building in downtown Fresno.  Kimi helps to raise funds for deserving high school students entering college.  Congratulations Kimi! (12/11/07)
  • Way to go runners! – Congratulations to all of the elementary Cross Country Team for competing so well at last week’s Regional Finals.  The team did very well with many of them qualifying for the City Championships this Thursday at Woodward Park.  Will keep you posted on the results! (12/11/07)
  • Nutcracker Dancer on Campus! – We have yet one more talented dancer on campus!  Carolyn Lippert will be performing again in the lead role as Marie in the Lively Arts rendition of the Nutcracker with the Fresno Philharmonic at the Saroyan Theater on December 14th, 15th, and 16th.  (12/04/07)
  • Respect Life Campaign – The annual Respect Life Campaign was a real success thanks to everyone’s generosity.  A total of $3,715 was raised for this very worthy cause and I would like to thank Mrs. Jennifer Butcher for all of her work. (12/04/07)
  • Coins for Critters – We have a couple of animal lovers who are helping those animals that need it most!  Erin Coyle and Annie Stallings will be holding a bake sale tomorrow after school to raise funds for those cute critters.  Stop by their table and pick up something sweet and make an animal happy! (12/04/07)
  • Kindergarten News – The K1 & K2 classes had a SRO (standing room only) crowd for their Thanksgiving Play last Tuesday.  The children did a great job of reading their parts.  Thank you to Fr. Rob for joining us.  Our annual Thanksgiving Penny Harvest was sent off to the Holy Cross Women’s Shelter to help with their holiday needs.  FYI:  Dismissal for all kindergarten classes will return to 2:50 as the parking lot is now running smoother.  Please still come to the classroom to pick up your child at the regular school wide dismissal time. (11/27/07)
  • Cross Country Congrats!  - Congratulations to all of our 3rd through 6th grade runners who have competed in Fresno Unified Cross Country Meets over the past two weeks and have been doing very well.  It’s still not too late to come out and run with us.  Practices are Monday through Wednesday from 3:00 to 3:30 on the big grass field. More information is available in the office or by calling Coach McConnico at 435-0700. (11/13/07)
  • More Congratulations! – Congratulations to all of our flag football and volleyball teams who recently concluded their fall sport seasons competing in their final tournaments.  The athletes all did a wonderful job and we congratulate them on a great season! (11/13/07)
  • Watch those skaters! – If you happen to be going to the Sharks vs. Ducks hockey game on Saturday, November 17th, keep your eyes open during the half-time as you will see our very own Sam Einhorn (1M) and Nick Leech (1M) as they play in a mini hockey game!  Watch the puck guys!  (11/13/07)
  • En garde! – Congratulations to Adam Hendey for a great showing in his first Saber fencing tournament at the Northern California Regional Youth Circuit tournament last weekend, facing fencers from all over Northern California.
  • It’s Nutcracker time! – Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again and we certainly don’t want to miss the story of the Nutcracker when it involves our students! Alexis Boone, Juliette Frediere, Hannah
    Giardullo, Rachel Giardullo, and Evie Der Manouel
    will be performing in the Valley Performing Arts Council’s Nutcracker on Saturday, November 24th at 1:00 and 7:00 and Sunday, November 25th at 1:00 in the Williams Saroyan Theater. See the enclosed flier. As they say in show business, “break a leg”! (11/08/07)
  • Congratulations – What a way to twirl a baton! Alexis DeFendis, Camille Diener, Jigs Kirk, Brianne and Kaitlyn Turnbull twirled their batons on October 20th in the championship at the Selma parade.
    They had only one drop during the whole parade (and I’m sure no one even noticed!) Way to twirl girls! (11/08/07)
  • FORE!!!!........ - Congratulations to the 7th Grade Boys team for capping off an undefeated season by winning the CVAL tournament last week. The team members are: Andrew Antognoli (1st-overall), Spencer Christensen (3rd), Trevor Schuh (4th), Patrick O’Rourke (6th), J.P. Caprioglio, Kelly Kellner, Joshua Lion and A.J. Ferdinandi. The 8th graders also finished up their season.  Their team members are: Matt Sheehan, Philip Sarkiksian, Spencer Willow,  Ben Singer and  Jacob Ruffino.  Great job to both teams!!! (10/23/07)
  • Girl Scouts Rock! – I would like to express my appreciation to all of the Girl Scouts that helped Mr. and Mrs. Gennock with the recycling project at the Carnival. Thank you to: Melanie Abercrombie, Megan Abundo, Megan Amara, Mackenzie Bridgeman, Caroline Escobar, Carly Fisher, Mia Gambero, Daniela McNamara, Tia Montes, Joslynn Moore, Caty Otero, Cheyanne Pardun, Gabby Teodoro, Ani Tookoian, Kerri Weisert, Grace Bishop and Albertina Allys. Thank you also to their fearless leaders Mrs. Abigail Bridgeman and Mrs. Sherry Otero who also led the girls in planting the beautiful flowers outside the school office.  Thank you for such great giving work to our community.  So far this year Mrs. Gennock’s 2nd grade has raised over $580 for the Holy Cross Women’s Shelter. WOW! (10/09/07)
  • Children’s Hospital “Change Bandits – As mentioned in previous letters, St. Anthony’s School participated as a “Change Bandit” to raise funds for Children’s Hospital.  I am happy to report that due to your generosity we were able to donate over $1000.00 to this wonderful cause.  Mrs. van Oostende’s 3rd grade class took a field trip to Children’s to make the presentation.  Thank you to all who generously donated to show St. Anthony’s appreciation for the wonderful services that Children’s Hospital provides to our valley’s children.
  • Congratulations – We are always proud to announce the accomplishment of our students and we congratulate Claire Baradat for receiving the “Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth’s State Award for High Honors”! What a proud family she must have. Keep up the great work Claire!
  • Classroom HappeningsMrs. Renner’s and Mrs. Simonson’s new all day kindergarten class has gotten off to a fun and fast start.  The children have been learning about ants in Social Studies and how they live their day much like a kindergartener’s….. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  We are watching our grapes change into raisins just like our valley farmers and we’ve learned that we are all special treasures of God.  K-1 is having fun learning. (08.28.07)
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